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COVID-secure cleaning

Domestic Divas has teamed up with York Clean and a local infection control company to provide an antimicrobial ULV fogging treatment service for your home, holiday property or workplace. Ultra Low Volume (ULV) fogging uses a nanoscopic antimicrobial fog to sanitise surfaces that cannot be reached by traditional surface cleaning alone.
Successful process - using a highly researched combination of chemicals, our team has been able to create a system which has been independently proven to be 99.9999% successful in 60 seconds against vaccinia virus - the family of the COVID-19 causing strain, SARS-Cov2.
Effective - by using a combination of Formula 429, Chemgene HLD4H and 4 in 1 Byotrol the specialist team have created a product that measures up to 6-log kill (the highest measured rate of bacteria reduction).

Ongoing protection - The polymer backbone ensures that treatment offers ongoing residual efficiency; creating a barrier to future infection, long after treatment.

Hassle-free - work can be completed inside or outside of your office working hours and your workplace can be accessible within 60 minutes of completion of the process.

Safe - the nanoscopic particles ensure that this system is safe for humans and animals. Full risk assessments, COSHH, method statements and exposure plans are completed for every job, as standard.

NHS approved - our antimicrobial solutions are safe to use in commercial environments, fully tested within the NHS, and meet the requirements for compliance for EU REACH and 2010 BPD Initiatives.
Get in touch today to see how this robust specialist cleaning service can benefit you.

Your Home

At Domestic Divas, we know that your home is your castle, and we are as proud of it as you are yourself. In these busy times, we know it is not always easy to ensure that your home stays immaculately clean – life can simply get in the way!

Whether you need weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off cleans; whether you’re moving out of an old property or into a new one; or you just need some time to concentrate on other parts of your life, Domestic Divas can help!

We provide all necessary equipment and only use cleaning products you already know and trust. We use our knowledge and passion to keep your home looking fantastic, and we do this at a time to suit you. If you’re struggling with your clean-life balance, why don’t you let the Divas take care of it!

Your Holiday Property

At Domestic Divas we are proud to be part of this area of Yorkshire. We know that people love to visit here, and the number of tourists is increasing every year. Advances in technology and growth in the tourism industry has afforded people the fantastic opportunity of staying in a wealth of different homes, that would not have been possible even a few years ago.

Domestic Divas currently work with a high number of individuals and companies who rent out holidays lets for shorter term tenants – whether for a family weekend away, or a month on business, Yorkshire’s holiday let market caters for all.

We understand that, although you may not be living in it now, your holiday let is still your home. It has always been our mission at Domestic Divas to match the high quality of holiday lets with a fantastic, unsurpassed level of cleaning – both between guest check outs and as serviced cleans for longer stays.

By working closely together, we can create completely bespoke services for you, your property and your guests, to ensure that THEY have a wonderful trip and YOU enjoy the peace of mind that your home is being cared for as you would care for it yourself.

Ask for information about our Peace of Mind Package, especially designed for landlords and agents away from the area which can cover all aspects of maintaining your holiday home.

Your Workplace

Here at Domestic Divas, we know how important it is to keep an immaculate workplace – research has shown again and again that keeping a clean workplace has a direct positive effect on employee productivity - after all; tidy desk, tidy mind! We know how difficult it can be to find reliable and consistent workplace cleaning; that allows you to focus more on what you do best as a business!

At Domestic Divas we understand how busy your work schedule is, and we are aware of where workplace cleaning might be on your list of priorities! Our aim is to make your life easier by providing the highest quality cleaning service, at convenient times to suit YOU and YOUR WORKPLACE.

Whether your workplace is a single office, a Doctor’s surgery, or an adventure playground, we can tailor an incredible cleaning package to meet your every need.

Your Rental Property

Rising house prices and cost of living means that more people than ever are renting their homes. We know the exacting standards of landlords and letting agents, and we always strive to beat all expectations with keeping your property on top form. Moving is hard enough without worrying about the cleaning – let us sort that out and you get on with the exciting bits!

We have a fantastic track record of helping tenants receive their full TDS cleaning deposit back. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you’re moving out or someone is moving in, or you just need a spruce up; we can help - with full property, professional oven and carpet cleaning available, we can do it all!

With different payment structures to suit every budget and a 100% cleaning bond guarantee, get in touch today to see how we can help you!

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"Graham and Karen are an absolute pleasure to work with. We have been working with them for around 6 years now. They are extremely flexible to change with the needs of our business and to achieve the best cleaning results possible. The whole team are professional, friendly and approachable."

Piglets Adventure Farm

"Thank you for the wonderful service!!! It is always "Service with a Smile""

Judy Smith

"I have been using Domestic Divas for over six years now, and I am very satisfied with the quality of work carried out by my Divas. They are both friendly and professional. On the rare occasions when things are not quite right, Karen has been prompt in responding to the problem. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who wants a clean house!"

Ian T.


"The Divas offer a fantastic service, they are always very professional, helpful and flexible. The cleaning standards are outstanding; I can highly recommend."

Anna Littlecott

MPP holidays

"The Divas are absolutely amazing! I literally don’t know how I’d manage to keep my house straight and clean, while juggling working and two daughters, without the Divas help. They are reliable and courteous, and obviously do a miraculous job of cleaning my house once a fortnight. I’ve trusted the Divas with my home for over five years now - and when I moved from York to Wetherby in 2015, I was delighted that they agreed to come all the way out here to carry on! So now that they have a Wetherby branch, I’m thrilled! I couldn’t recommend them enough-they’ve changed my life!!"



Just a few of our clients...

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We have worked together with national and local companies to make sure that Domestic Divas meet and exceed the Visit England 'Good to Go' coronavirus industry standard at every single job. Get in touch to see how we are keeping our wonderful staff and clients safe in a post-COVID environment.